OutDry is a new patented process which allows the lamination of the membrane directly to the upper. Thanks to this unique process, OutDry® is able to enhance the comfort and the performance of the boots, especially if compared to the traditional and standard waterproof bootie system which creates a gap between the boot and the liner. In rainy or snowy conditions, water penetrates and remains trapped inside between the bootie and the upper. The foot remains dry but the boot becomes much heavier and the membrane breathability is reduced due to the humidity and stagnant water. On the contrary, with OutDry® technology the membrane is firmly bonded to the inside of the upper and there is no possibility of creating extra space. The footwear remains water-free, lightweight and breathability is maintained   





The Dual Pivot system has been designed to create more freedom of movement, and brace-like ankle support. The Dual Pivot connector is made from nylon reinforced with fiberglass and carbon fiber. The nylon ensures maximum resistance while the fiberglass and carbon fiber provide elasticity and original shape to the connector. The connector follows the natural shape of the ankle, while keeping the overall design narrow and lightweight. Any rider who has used the Dual Pivot Predator boots appreciates the support, feel and comfort of this design