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  • Feel free to message us via the contact form at the bottom of the home page.
  • We receive a high number of messages, we apologize but it could take 48hrs to respond. 


  • We offer free shipping via FedEx ground with any boot purchase within the US.
  • Additionally you can upgrade to the FedEx Express service.
  • We ship your boots fast from our warehouse in Nevada USA.
  • You will be notified of the tracking and delivery ETA.
  • We do not ship outside the United States, including US territories.


You can care for your boots by cleaning them with a soft brush and mild soapy water. Please refrain from using a pressure washer up close as this will damage the boot’s stitching and materials. 

Heavy waterproofing products or waxes can block the stitching lines which allow the boots to breath and dry naturally. Any lightweight leather conditioning and waterproofing products are ok to apply from time to time. Oil based leather products (like Mink oil) are not recommended as they soften the leather too much and can cause bonded soles to separate from the leather. We personally use Nikwax 'Conditioner For Leather' or Nikwax 'Leather Restorer'.

Sharp toe nails will cut through the waterproof liner, especially when shifting gears. It’s best to replace any threadbare socks and keep your toe nails short and filed before riding.

Intense heat from open fires or radiators will damage your boots. Riders who attempt to rapidly dry their boots run the risk of releasing the boot's assembly glue or the adhesive tape that seals the WP liner. Always dry your boots a good distance away from an open fire or radiator, especially if you are drying for an extended period of time.

It's best not to store your boots long term in gear bags or high humidity environments. Boots that are not allowed to dry fully will rot stitching and plastic components in storage. 


You are welcome to contact us via the home page contact form when you have any issue with your new Forma boots. If the age of your boots falls within certain guidelines, they will be inspected, and if deemed to be faulty by manufacturing or material defect, we will promptly organize a repair or replacement.

Important Information.

  • We can only process claims for Forma boots purchased in the United States.
  • We do not cover AMAZON or Gray-Import purchases (outside USA).
  • Proof of purchase must be supplied, there are no exceptions. 
  • It is the customers responsibility to return the boots to the address below.

Forma's standard warranty period is 12 months from date of purchase from an authorized dealer, and covers faulty workmanship and defects. 

Warranty is restricted to 3 months where the boots are used for commercial purposes (eg; motorcycle couriers). And 3 months warranty for boots used in high humidity areas. A high humidity environment can degrade the best glues and plastics, and this type of failure is not considered a manufacturing or design issue. 

Boots used in a racing environment do not qualify for warranty. Sole wear or de-lamination, or Velcro and simple stitching issues are considered to be wear and tear and not covered under the warranty. Most soles can be replaced or re-bonded, and most stitching and Velcro can be repaired.

If the boots are over 6 months old, any warranty replacements on a pro rata basis. 


Our returns policy is good for 60 days. You can still contact us after this date and we will always try to help.

Make sure the boots and box are brand new and have only been tried for size on carpet. 

You can ship the boots back by any economical method and email us the tracking number. 

Our returns address is:

Forma Boots USA

C/- Frontier Distribution USA Inc

7355 Commercial Way, Suite 145

Henderson, NV 89011 

Refunds. Once your return is received, we will send you an email to notify you that we have refunded your money.


Occasionally customers may need to exchange sizes and we will be pleased to help out. Make sure the boots and box are brand new and have only been tried for size on carpet. 

Ship the boots back by the most economical method and email us the tracking number. *We cover the second shipping charge on the replacement pair going back out to you!

Our returns address is:

Forma Boots USA

C/- Frontier Distribution USA Inc

7355 Commercial Way, Suite 145

Henderson, NV 89011 


We thank you for your service to the nation. Forma Boots USA would like to extend a 5% discount to all personnel and their immediate families. Please use discount code Military1 or FirstResponder1 at checkout. 


Many Forma boots can be resoled. This is not an in-house service but we recommend the following professional cobblers...

Some glued sole boots cannot be successfully resoled as the boot's upper adhesion surface can be damaged over time and not allow for a strong bond the second time around. 


If you are racing and need support, you are welcome to contact us. We love racing and enjoy being able to make racing safer and more affordable for racers. Free product is not always available, but we have great price support programs to help ease the financial burden. Sponsorship is also about generating business, so please tell us how you can help promote Forma.

Forward all sponsorship inquires toxsupport@formabootsusa.comx


Motorcycling is dangerous, and Forma boots cannot protect you from every injury. 

Please consider the injury risks before purchasing Forma boots, and ride with care! 


All mail and returns to...

Forma Boots USA

c/- Frontier Distribution USA Inc

7355 Commercial Way

Suite 145

Henderson, NV, 89011


(Warehouse only, no showroom on location)