Forma boots run mostly to everyday US sizing, but there are some points you need to consider as you may need to size up. With every brand there is always some sizing variation, especially with US sizing. Euro sizing is the most consistent sizing standard worldwide, so if you know your EU size, that is always the best reference.

Most Forma boots are a 'unisex' fitment, the larger sizes are a mens fitment and morph down to a womens fitment in the smaller sizes. 

Motorcycle boots are designed to be firmly fitted to hold the boots in place and give maximum feel of the controls. They are more rigid for protection with internal and external plastic components. This protective design will make the boots feel smaller or tighter than your regular shoes or sneakers, even when the internal dimensions are the same. Regular shoes and sneakers will flex and stretch to accommodate wide and large volume feet, but not motorcycle boots, you will most likely need to size up as they have limited flexibility and stretch. When sizing up, don't be concerned the boots will be too long as there is only a ¼ inch difference in length between most sizes. Also consider that motorcycle boots are designed longer in the toe box for extra toe protection, and that can give the impression that the boots are too narrow when you only need the next size. And with waterproof boots, the WP membrane reduces the foot chamber volume slightly, giving the boots a firmer fitment. 

There is not one official Footwear Size Standard that all manufacturers follow, so do not assume your size! Measuring your feet is the most successful way to establish the correct size first time around....

*The best method is to measure your feet length by placing your heel against the wall and measure out to the end of your big toe, then add 1 inch to give you the 'inside measurement'. (smaller sizes only need to add 3/4 inch) 

The inside boot measurements are listed below so you can more accurately establish your size. Of course we cannot guarantee that this method is 100% because every foot shape is different, but in most cases the size is correct first time around. If required, we will work fast to correct any sizing issues. Fitment is 4-Dimensional (length, width, volume and instep height) and unfortunately it's only possible to accurately measure your foot's length.

Please factor in all these points when selecting your size.

Thank you for listening! 

 forma motorcycle boots best comfortable waterproof adventure black brown

95% of our customers receive the correct size first time, but if you find that you need to exchange, breathe easy we will work quickly to exchange sizes.      



-38eu  4 mens 10.04" inside
-39eu  5 mens 10.23" inside
-40eu  6 mens 10.43" inside
-41eu  7 mens 10.63" inside
-42eu  8 mens 11.02" inside
-43eu  9 mens 11.22" inside
-44eu 10 mens 11.42" inside
-45eu 11 mens 11.81" inside
-46eu 12 mens 12.00" inside
-47eu 13 mens 12.20" inside
-48eu 14 mens 12.40" inside
-49eu 15 mens 12.60" inside
-50eu 16 mens 12.80" inside



-35eu  4 womens  9.45" inside
-36eu  5 womens  9.64" inside
-37eu  6 womens  9.84" inside
-38eu  7 womens 10.04" inside
-39eu  8 womens 10.23" inside
-40eu  9 womens 10.43" inside
-41eu 10 womens 10.63" inside
-42eu 11 womens 11.02" inside
-43eu 12 womens 11.24" inside



    -32eu    1 youth  8.85" inside
    -33eu 1.5 youth  9.05" inside
    -34eu    2 youth  9.25" inside
    -35eu 2.5 youth  9.45" inside
    -36eu    3 youth  9.64" inside
    -37eu    4 youth  9.84" inside 
    -38eu    5 youth 10.04" inside
    -39eu    6 youth 10.23" inside
    -40eu 6.5 youth 10.43" inside
    -41eu    7 youth 10.63" inside


      *Forma boots are protective, but they cannot protect you from every injury.

      *Please ride safely and choose boots designed for your riding environment!