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Forma Boulder boots are designed for competition Trials riding but they also double as popular dual-sport boots for general riding. The boot's specially designed trials soles help with required grip, complete with a trials rear heel cup to click gears.The boot’s minimalist design currently offers maximum feel and performance for the best Trials riders in the world.

If rock hopping is not your thing, the Boulder boot’s retro leather styling and extreme comfort will suit a broad range of riders from everyday street to dual-sport touring.

The same Forma message always speaks loudly… European quality, comfort and protection ...designed specifically for you.”   


  • 12 months WARRANTY* when purchased in the USA.
  • CE® level protection and quality.
  • Full-grain leather upper.
  • Trials anti-slip rubber sole -special compound for extra grip.
  • Safety Ankle Shield for extra protection.
  • Heel cup to facilitate gear change when standing.
  • Ergonomic shin-plate with air ventilation pockets.
  • Personalised suede leather heat protector.
  • Adjustable Velcro® cuff closure.
  • Unbreakable GH® plastic buckles.
  • Polyurethane nylon reinforcements.
  • Extra soft polymer padding with memory foam.
  • Integrated mid-sole with stainless steel shank.
  • Anti-bacterial replaceable insole.
  • (OPTIONAL Waterproof bootie system $79.95).
  • High quality - 100% European production.